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Extreme snowmobile action is now at your finger tips with physics-engine packed snowmobiles ready to be pushed to their limits.

✓ Lots of Built In Tracks
Race on 20 technical stunt tracks and 20 mountain free ride tracks.

✓ Build Custom Tracks
Level builder to create, save, load, and edit 20 custom tracks.  Make your own snowmobile tracks with custom jumps, cliffs, etc.

✓ Real-Time Multi-Player
Real-time race against a player on a second iPhone/iPad/iPod on the 40 global leaderboard tracks or on your own custom track.

✓ Two Computer Racers
Two computer players to compete against on each track. Set computer skill level to Bad, Ok, or Pro.

✓ Computer Players on Your Custom Tracks
Two computer racers will copy your previous two races on your custom tracks to give you some competition. Computer racers adjust skill level to the selected computer skill level.

✓ Race Against Your Ghost
Optionally save your race and then re-play it in the form of a ghost to race against.

✓ Five-Place Finish Line Time Tracking
Ghost racer time, your time, two computer vehicles times, and Wi-Fi BlueTooth opponent race time is displayed on the five finish line track time slots, so the competition is more real.

✓ Three balance control schemes: 1) Horizontal Slider, 2) Vertical Slider, 3) Accelerometer.

✓ OpenFeint Global Leaderboards.

NOTE: To race against a player on another device, you must have one of the following:
1) Have BlueTooth enabled on both devices and be within BlueTooh wireless communication range, or
2) Have Wi-Fi enabled on both devices, both devices can connect to the same Wi-Fi router that supports local peer-to-peer networking (default on most home routers, but not on most “Internet cafe” routers). OVER-THE-INTERNET CONNECTIONS ARE NOT SUPPORTED AT THIS TIME.


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