Moto Heyalda

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  • Race against your friend in real time over local BlueTooth or Wi-Fi while jumping, flipping, and tearing up each of the 40 dirt bike tracks.
  • Race against two computer vehicles on each track at the same time. Set the computer racer skill level to Bad, Ok, or Pro to make a fair race.
  • Realistic motocross bike suspension physics.
  • Full ragdoll wipe-outs.
  • Choose from three control schemes:
  1. Horizontal slider to control balance.
  2. Vertical slider to control balance.
  3. Tilt to balance.
  • Don’t let the hot girl dirt bike fans that are watching on the sidelines distract you!
  • Record your race and then race against your own ghost while also racing against the two computer players on each track.
  • You can even race against the two computers racers, your ghost, and another player that also has Heyalda Moto installed on their device, all at the same time!
  • Alps Mountain terrain and Desert terrain.
  • Dirt bike catches on fire and smokes if you wipe out while going fast.
  • OpenFeint Leaderboards.

NOTE: To race against a player on another device, you must have one of the following:
1) Have BlueTooth enabled on both devices and be within BlueTooh wireless communication range, or
2) Have Wi-Fi enabled on both devices, both devices can connect to the same Wi-Fi router that supports local peer-to-peer networking (default on most home routers, but not on most “Internet cafe” routers). OVER-THE-INTERNET CONNECTIONS ARE NOT SUPPORTED AT THIS TIME.


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