Enduro Extreme Trials

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Ranked the #1 Top Free Racing game in France, Guatemala, Spain, and Italy!
Ranked the Top 100 most downloaded app of all free apps in the Apple App Store in France, Italy, Guatemala, Spain, and Dominica!


Enduro Extreme Trials will challenge you every insane obstacle along the way, reward you with lots of achievements, excite you with insane physics bashing terrain. If you are up for a challenge, you will definitely have fun with this one.

Got what it takes for some extreme enduro racing action? Enduro Extreme Trials is packed full of intermediate and extreme difficulty tracks. This is not for beginners.

Gas, brake, and tilt your way to earn the best track time and achievements such as single back flip, double back flip, front flip, double front flip, and for completing each terrain.

♦ Two 10-Track Packs (twenty race tracks)
♦ Race against your ghost
♦ Real-Time Multi-Player
♦ Rag-Doll wipe-out physics
♦ OpenFeint Leaderboard and Achievements

♦ Level Builder with 10 Save Slots
♦ Three additional 10-Track Packs

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